The dome

Pordenone frescoed, between 1530 and 1535, the main dome of the Basilica of Santa Maria di Campagna. In the central lantern, the Holy Father is flying down from the sky; in the dome, the sails are occupied by prophets and sibyls and other figures of the Old Testament. In the ovals of the pilasters there is a series of references to biblical scenes ordered in chronological sequence, starting from the Creation of the World.

On the frieze, episodes of mythological and classical tradition alternate. In the medallions there are portraits of the dictorum et factorum memorabilium books by Valerio Massimo and the decadi by Tito Livio. The cycle was continued by Bernardino Gatti called the Sojaro, since 1543, with the Apostles on the pilasters, with the stories of the Virgin on the tambour and the four Evangelists on the pendentives. Pordenone made other important works in the Basilica

Text: Valeria Poli

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