Chapel of St. Catherine (1530-1532)


Commissioned by Caterina Scotti, the chapel is dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria. In the lunettes Pordenone depicted two episodes of the life of the saint (Martyrdom of the wheel and the Decollation of St. Catherine).

On the wall he frescoed the Disputa of Saint Catherine. The altarpiece, oil on panel, represents the Mystical Marriage of St. Catherine. According to tradition, the face of St. Paul would be the self-portrait of the painter and the face of the Virgin could be his wife, identified with a noblewoman from Piacenza. In the Disputa we can admire the portrait of the architect Alessio Tramello (with the Basque), designer of the Basilica.

Text: Valeria Poli

Cappella Santa Caterina Lunetta Ruota dentata


Cappella Santa Caterina Lunetta Martirio

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